Canoe tour in the lagoon

Discovering the lagoon in canoe

From the harbor of Somone, you can rent a canoe for an unforgettable discovery of the lagoon and its many species of birds: egrets, pelicans, seagulls, cormorants, etc. Choose your canoe and boatman and get going!

At low tide, the boatman gets into the water to pull his canoe. At high tide, it will offer you a complete canoe […]


Local place to visit in someone, Artisanal Village, The lagune, The Bush, The Baobab Forest (distance to property – 2 km)
Somone is a village on the Petite Côte in Senegal, lying approximately 80 km south of Dakar.
For a stay in all tranquility, Somone is an ideal place which agreeably mixes the life of village of the lebou fishermen. Somone, an […]


Lie the endless beaches of the Little Coast. This is the domain of Saly, a beautiful resort which extends over a green park of more than 1,480 acres. Saly has several first class hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, horse stables, a deep sea fishing center, shops, night clubs and miles of white sanded beaches.

Deep-sea fishing is one […]


The capital of Sénégal and seat of the government, Dakar is situated on the tip of the Cap Vert peninsula and has about 1,500,000 inhabitants. In a matter of a few years, Dakar has been transformed into a large modern city, teeming with life and activity, where the bustle of the streets and markets always constitutes a fascinating spectacle.

Turned towards […]

Goree island

Goree island is better known as the location of the House of Slaves and famous as a former centre of the Atlantic slave trade from where many Black slaves were deported to the Americas. It is now a popular tourist destination referenced by UNESCO. (80 km from Somone)

Pink lake

On the road to Cayar, you don’t want to miss Retba, a warm, salty and shallow pink lake. Turning from pink to purple according to the time of the day, it is a magical stretch of water on which everything floats – including people – surrounded by sand dunes and baobab forest.

During the week, men and women are busy crushing […]