How to get there

You can book flights from  UK to Dakar Airport with :
– British Airway
– Air Senegal international
– Air France
– Iberia
– Brussels AirLines
– Corsair flightsThe reception at the airport of Dakar and the transport towards Somone can be organised at the same time of your booking.
Airport :
Dakar: 80 km


Don’t forget that you need to have a passeport.

A valid passport, with 3 months at least after the entry, are sufficient for French and the nationals of the European Community, except for the nationals from the Benelux countries, Denmark and Greece.

The driving licence international is not obligatory but strongly recommended if you must driveHealth :
Some simple precautions and the good sens are enough in general
Think of making you vaccinate (at least 10 days before your departure for the yellow fever) and…, do not forget your health record.
Take with you the drugs which you usually use. That will avoid you run as of your arrival to the nearest pharmacy.
Will know however that you will find almost all the drugs that you are accustomed to use or need.
In case of doubt or of problem, do not wait; see the Senegalese chemists who are always available and of good advice.
Anti mosquito :
Don’t forget to take repulsive with mosquito to profit as of the first evening from stars; indeed, thanks to the absence of industrial and luminous pollution, Senegalese moon lights are particularly pure and pleasant.
Money and Currencies :
Senegal is part of the zone of the African financial community (CFA).
Frank CFA has a fixed parity with the euro.
(1 euro = 655,957 FCFA).
Senegal forms part of the Zone Frank characterized by the banking freedom of transfer.
Outside of this free zone, the transfers are made on authorization by intermediate banks.
Your bank card will enable you to withdraw money in the majority of the banks of Senegal. The VISA international is most widespread.
The rate of exchange of the foreign currencies is given compared to the Euro.Remember :
outside the large “hotels with tourists” cash is the only means of payment in Senegal.
The bank card is especially useful to be supplied in the distributors.
Senegal is One of The Most Sunny Country of The World :Senegal knows a hot and dry climate, attenuated by the 700 km which constitute its maritime frontage and its projection towards Atlantic ocean; l’alizé sudden country and monsoon.
Two main Seasons mark the Climatic Mode : 

– A dry season, from November to June, marked by the prevalence of the trade winds maritime (from the North-West) and continental.

– A wet season, from juillet to October, dominated by the flow of monsoon resulting from l’Anticyclone of Ste Helene.

The maximum rain falls are during August, even September.
The Wintering, or Rain Season :
From mi July until October, should not afraid those who want to visit Senegal. It is even, for a lot of people, the most beautiful season, with a vegetation which reappears, with storms and the splendid colors, a very hot sea…
Months J F M A M J J A S O N D
Temperatures °C
Night – Day
18-27 16-27 18-27 19-28 20-31 21-33 23-35 23-35 23-35 21-33 20-31 19-29
aver. ( in inches)
0 0 0 0.04 0.04 0.55 3.46 9.84 6.42 1.77 0.20 0.24

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