Local place to visit in someone, Artisanal Village, The lagune, The Bush, The Baobab Forest (distance to property – 2 km)
Somone is a village on the Petite Côte in Senegal, lying approximately 80 km south of Dakar.
For a stay in all tranquility, Somone is an ideal place which agreeably mixes the life of village of the lebou fishermen. Somone, an essential stage for starting the discovery of Senegal well.

The lagoon


There is an impressive ecological site strechted between the land and the sea and measures have been taken to preserve the natural balance of this unspoilt landscape.
Thus, the lagoon of Somone, with 7000 ha wide, has been classified as a nature reserve and a bird sanctuary for now 4 years, but people can enjoy to walk around and observing manies species of birds the whole year long : grey pelicans, then white pelicans in July (nearly 1200), seven species of herons, pink flamingos and so on.
And there are some places where people can swim in the lagoon.
You will also find all the trade and leisures : quad, fishing, jetski, windsurf, horse riding, kart, a nice 18 holes golf course, animal reserve, several restaurants and night-club.


ARTISANAL MARKET: Shopping, gifts?

Late in the afternoon, after a napcat, which is vital in Senegal, you may feel like going shopping. If you are looking for gifts to bring back to your friends and relatives, small shops offer many attractive handicrafts such as wooden sculptures, djembes, mauritanian pieces of jewellery and boubous, trousers and bags made out of african material.


Quad Riding


Is another way to discover the surroundings which combines adventure with comfort.
Thus, you will discover the bush, the baobab forest and meet the inhabitants of the villages nearby. Then, you will stop for a well-deserved break on the beach and gaze at the sea and the lagoon. And lastly, you will come back the head full of images and memories that you will recall during the long winter evenings!